The washing and racking system from KHS

The Innokeg AF-C Transversal can wash and rack returnable and one-way kegs on just one system.
(Image: KHS Group)

500 kegs per hour on one conveyor belt

High-powered racking

Modular unit of a keg system from KHS

The system only uses a single conveyor belt for a wide variety of keg types.
(Image: KHS Group)

The perfect fit for all requirements

The Innokeg AF-C Transversal by KHS

Up to 500 kegs per hour can be washed and racked with the Innokeg AF-C Transversal.
(Image: KHS Group)

Flexible and fully automatic

Product photograph of three PET water bottles with stretch sleeve

CCL Label was able to reduce the thickness of their stretch sleeves to 30 micrometres. (Image: CCL Label)

A person explores the touchcap bottle closure with an index finger.

Tactile nubs form on the surface of the cap as soon as the contents of the bottle are no longer fit for consumption.