Bundles of empty beverage cartons

Used beverage cartons on the way to the recycling plant. Photo: FKN

Benelux to recycle beverage cartons

Beverage carton

Beverage cartons are made of valuable raw materials that should be recycled. Photo: Stora Enso

Recovering all raw materials

Bale of plastic and aluminium

Plastic and aluminium from used beverage cartons. Photo: FKN

First plant in Germany already in operation

An employee checks a roll of corrugated cardboard base paper

Corrugated cardboard base paper, manufactured from the fibres of used beverage cartons. Photo: FKN

The washing and racking system from KHS

The Innokeg AF-C Transversal can wash and rack returnable and one-way kegs on just one system. (Image: KHS Group)

Super Combi complete line for PET bottles from Sidel

With the new complete line, PET bottles in various different sizes can be filled and packaged even more quickly. (Image: Sidel)