Bundles of empty beverage cartons

Used beverage cartons on the way to the recycling plant. Photo: FKN

Benelux to recycle beverage cartons

Beverage carton

Beverage cartons are made of valuable raw materials that should be recycled. Photo: Stora Enso

Recovering all raw materials

Bale of plastic and aluminium

Plastic and aluminium from used beverage cartons. Photo: FKN

First plant in Germany already in operation

An employee checks a roll of corrugated cardboard base paper

Corrugated cardboard base paper, manufactured from the fibres of used beverage cartons. Photo: FKN

A tattooed hand holds a plastic water bottle.

Image: Jonathan Cooper/unsplash

Product photograph of three PET water bottles with stretch sleeve

CCL Label was able to reduce the thickness of their stretch sleeves to 30 micrometres. (Image: CCL Label)