A tattooed hand holds a plastic water bottle.

Plastic water bottles are encountered on a daily basis. But how sustainable is this type of packaging? (Image: Jonathan Cooper/unsplash)

How useful are PET bottles?

TV presenter Günther Jauch looks through a PET bottle with one eye. Above are the words: ‘For the love of nature?’

`For the love of nature?’ Lidl is drawing attention to the study in Germany with TV presenter Günther Jauch. (Image: Lidl)

26 fewer trips with trucks

How transferable is the system?

Product photograph of three PET water bottles with stretch sleeve

CCL Label was able to reduce the thickness of their stretch sleeves to 30 micrometres. (Image: CCL Label)

Paper cups for to-go beverages such as coffee.

When it comes to their daily coffee, many people choose the to-go option and quickly dispose of the cups afterwards. Stora Enso and Huhtamaki now want to recycle these cups. (Image: Stora Enso)