A reusable glass bottle upright on the beach. Next to it lies a plastic bottle that is damaged in some places.

Sea Me has been working on expanding its reusable system for cosmetics packaging since 2021. The company’s proprietary products are packaged in reusable glass bottles.
(Image: Sea Me)

Deposit systems for cosmetics packaging?

A smiling man is standing next to a woman who is holding a shampoo bottle in her hand and is sitting next to a man who is also seated.

Circleback’s founding team (from left to right): Brett Dickey, Doris Schoger, Kimani Michalke.
(Image: Circleback)

Reusable packaging as an alternative to deposit systems

A reverse vending machine for cosmetics packaging

The Circleback reverse vending machine is currently situated at Edeka Monch at the ALEXA shopping centre in Berlin.
(Image: Circleback)

Good for retail, consumers and the environment

Several harvested sugar bundles lie on the ground.

Plastics can also be produced from fibre-based raw materials, for example from sugar cane. (Credit: Victoria Priessnitz/unsplash)

A blue rubbish bin with a white recycling symbol

The use of recyclates begins with the correct separation of waste. (Image: Sigmund/unsplash)

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