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Cosmetics must be labelled so as to allow consumers suffering from allergies to check cosmetics for potentially allergenic ingredients.

Uniform labelling on cosmetics packaging


Consumer information has to be readily visible on packaging units or replaced by a book symbol (finger pointing to a book) in the event of lack of space, not only on food but also on bodycare products. So far applicable in the EU this regulation is now to become valid worldwide.
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Trend Colour Blue


Blue is in! And not just for eyelashes, eye shadow and nail varnish. Packaging manufacturers are also focusing on this trend colour in Summer 2015. Doing so they are not only following their mostly female shoppers’ colour preferences. They have also reduced the sizes of jars, tubes and the like to handy handbag formats.
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Packaging with an Alluring Scent


Many studies have demonstrated that scents have an influence on consumers’ buying decisions. Apart from visual and haptic effects, more and more producers opt for fragrant packaging. At the same time, innovative processes prevent that the product is illegally removed from its packaging.
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3D Printing in the Packaging Industry


3D printing is still in the development stage but experts already forecast a promising future for this technical innovation. Resorting to this additive manufacturing process could pay off, especially for the producers of cosmetic packaging.
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Counterfeit protection in cosmetics packaging


Counterfeit products make it impossible to tap into new markets and to track supply chains. However, this issue has now been solved by innovative packaging with technologies such as RFID and QR codes. These latest developments are especially benefiting bodycare products.
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Weleda - Visionary since 1921.

Visionary since 1921.

Cosmetic producers like WELEDA maintain their vibrancy through injections of freshness – also through innovations in the packaging they use.
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