A person attaches a QR label to a wrapped cheese loaf.

For testing purposes, members of the Consorzio del Parmigiano Reggiano equip some products with a chipped label that allows each product to be traced individually – and digitally. (Image: CFPR)

Digitisation you can print

The PaperVoid label by Securikett offers consumers added digital value.

A collage shows rolls of labels on the left and an image of the labels once they have been attached on the right.
(Image: Securikett)

QR codes and blockchain technology united in one label

Labels generate added value

Three EU flags

The European Green Deal is supposed to make Europe carbon neutral by 2050. (Image: unsplash/Alexandre Lallemand)

Sausage in a recyclable film wrapping

The new film by allvac is suitable for wrapping foods and has a high degree of recyclability. (Image: allvac Folien GmbH)