A person attaches a QR label to a wrapped cheese loaf.

For testing purposes, members of the Consorzio del Parmigiano Reggiano equip some products with a chipped label that allows each product to be traced individually – and digitally. (Image: CFPR)

Digitisation you can print

The PaperVoid label by Securikett offers consumers added digital value.

A collage shows rolls of labels on the left and an image of the labels once they have been attached on the right.
(Image: Securikett)

QR codes and blockchain technology united in one label

Labels generate added value

Bottles of Maggi condiment from 1886 to 2011

The Maggi condiment over the years. The dark bottle with the red and gold design remains unique until today. (Image: Nestlé)

Close-up of the recycling symbol for polypropylene.

Many companies are switching their packaging to mono-materials like polypropylene. But what are their advantages and disadvantages? (Picture: Shutterstock/ CalypsoArt)