Three EU flags

The European Green Deal is supposed to make Europe carbon neutral by 2050. (Image: unsplash/Alexandre Lallemand)

European Green Deal – ambitious concept for carbon neutrality in Europe

European packaging regulation underway

Different kinds of recyclates

PET recyclates (rPET) are already sought-after as raw materials. (Image: Starlinger Gruppe)

Associations praise the Commission's suggestion

Hotchpotch in Europe

Vacuum system without pressurised air

Schmalz designs new systems for sustainable vacuum automation. (Image: Schmalz)

The digital change is going green

Sausage in a recyclable film wrapping

The new film by allvac is suitable for wrapping foods and has a high degree of recyclability. (Image: allvac Folien GmbH)

Bottles of Maggi condiment from 1886 to 2011

The Maggi condiment over the years. The dark bottle with the red and gold design remains unique until today. (Image: Nestlé)