Ccycled styropor box from BASF and Vartdal containing salmon fillets from Bömlo.

Salmon fillets from Bömlo are supplied in the world’s first EPS fish box. Ccycled is made from chemically recycled plastic and BASF, Vartdal Plast and Bremnes Seashore, the partners for this joint project, are contributing to making the circular economy a success. Image: Peter Tubaas, Vestland Media

Fish in packaging made from chemically recycled plastic

Bömlo salmon fillets in a Ccylcled styropor box

Perfectly cooled, securely packaged: The styropor boxes which are made from chemically recycled plastic have the tried-and-tested properties of normal styropor and a lower CO2 footprint.
(Image: Peter Tubaas, Vestland Media)

Recycled material with top properties

Bottles of Maggi condiment from 1886 to 2011

The Maggi condiment over the years. The dark bottle with the red and gold design remains unique until today. (Image: Nestlé)