A collage shows a dummy flow pack in the foreground, with a portion of mince on a wooden chopping board in the background.

Swabian company Südpack already offers a wide range of flow packs. (Image: Südpack)

Flow packs as a sustainable solution in food packaging

Flow pack of Lidl’s own brand of mince

As early as 2020, Lidl introduced mince packaged in flow packs at its branches. (Image: Lidl)

Flow packs made out of mono materials

Machines can process packs made out of paper and film

A horizontal flowpacker

The W 500 flowpacker has been designed to handle sustainable films and paper-based materials.
(Image: Multivac)

Bottles of Maggi condiment from 1886 to 2011

The Maggi condiment over the years. The dark bottle with the red and gold design remains unique until today. (Image: Nestlé)

Close-up of the recycling symbol for polypropylene.

Many companies are switching their packaging to mono-materials like polypropylene. But what are their advantages and disadvantages? (Picture: Shutterstock/ CalypsoArt)

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