Close-up of the recycling symbol for polypropylene.

Many companies are switching their packaging to mono-materials like polypropylene. But what are their advantages and disadvantages? (Picture: Shutterstock/ CalypsoArt)

Mono-material, a ray of hope

What does packaging have to accomplish?

What does packaging have to accomplish?

The beverage carton brings all the advantages of composite packaging - but also poses recycling challenges.

What do mono-materials offer?

What do packaging manufacturers need to consider?

A large quantity of different coloured recycled pellets.

The great advantage of monomaterials is their high recyclability.

White smoke coming out from factory grounds

Many companies are thinking about their energy consumption and CO2 emissions. (Image: Marcin Jozwiak/ Unsplash)

Drink cans and plastic bottles

There is no such thing as innately good or bad packaging, and the environmental impact should always be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. (Image: Nick Fewings/unsplash)