Sausage in a recyclable film wrapping

The new film by allvac is suitable for wrapping foods and has a high degree of recyclability.
(Image: allvac Folien GmbH)

Recyclable wrap for food packaging

Pizza in a recyclable film wrap by allvac

allflex SR is suitable for use with frozen foods and for pasteurisation. (Image: allvac Folien GmbH)

Food wrap with high recyclability

Sausages in a recyclable film wrapping by allvac

Sausage and meat goods especially are suited for wrapping in the new film. (Image: allvac Folien GmbH)

Attractive, safe packaging

Cold shipping with paperfloc eco systems

The carbon neutral paperfloc eco systems keep temperature sensitive products cold and can be disposed of completely with the waste paper. (Image: easy2cool GmbH)

Close image of a toy robot

Is automation the end-all and be-all? (Image: Rock'n Roll Monkey/unsplash)