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Small – but packs a fair punch!


They’re small, they’re practical, and they’re usually better than many environmentalists expect. According to the latest research, single portion packs actually help to improve the eco-balance.
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Every followfish product has its own tracking code on the packaging. Via Internet, the end-users can see exactly where their product comes from.

Transparent packaging


The tracking code of followfish shows the origin of each ingredient. Will this soon be standard in the food industry?
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Hey presto… and the packaging is gone


More and more companies are currently keen to ensure that their packaging is sustainable, that the materials are recyclable or that they use renewable resources. Yet it’s possible to go one step further: why not just eat the packaging?
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Metal Packaging on Course for Expansion


Experts believe that, over the next six years, the sale of rigid metal packaging material is set to rise to over 284 billion items throughout Europe. At the same time, the new recycling logo with the word mark Metal Recycles Forever is to be established with the help of leading consumer goods manufacturers.
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New Organic Plastics: Revolutions on the Packaging Market?


PEF: Very soon these three letters may steal the show on the currently still better known PET for consumers. Experts already consider this bio-based plastic material – polyethylene furan – a material of the future. After many years of research sustainable drinks bottles have now been officially presented as an innovative packaging solution.
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Modern Check Weighers for Precise Weight Measuring


Consumers want to rely on product weight indications. Modern check weighers make it possible to comply with the specifications in the Finished Pack Regulation governing maximum deviations between product labelling and actual net weight.
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High-Tech against spoilage of food


Over 80 kilos of foodstuffs are disposed of per year per capita in Germany according to statistical assessments. Innovative packaging material is to contribute to longer shelf-life.
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