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If an item has the lowest level of impact on the environment, it is awarded a green A, and if it has the greatest it is given a red E.

Photo: Yuka

The Eco-score makes sustainability visible


With the Eco-score label, another new food labelling campaign from France has been brought onto the European market. The Nutri-score focused on the health of the customer, but the environmental friendliness of the product is paramount for the Eco-score.
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Woman wearing a blue mask reaches for packaged beverages on a supermarket shelf

Photo by Imants Kaziļuns on Unsplash

Is the virus present on packaging?


After a year, we all know more about the coronavirus, but it’s still not enough. Therefore, some of us are asking whether an infection hazard is posed by packaging. The experts say that the answer is no: according to the latest findings, packaging is not a significant source of infection.
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ReCup packaging cup from McDonald’s

Photo: McDonalds

The future of sustainable fast food packaging?


Packaging is a valuable commodity and should be reused as often as possible, or recycled expediently. Burger King and McDonald’s are starting pilot projects in line with this theme and are testing reusable Loop solutions in fast food packaging for burgers and other foods.
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Yoghurt lids

Photo: EDEKA

The reusable packaging trend


Reusable packaging can be a resource-saving alternative to single-use packaging and is very popular with consumers. Environmental protection laws and the high demand for sustainable packaging solutions brings more and more reusable packaging into the retail market.
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Enjoy a barbecue without meat with the “Sensational Bratwurst” from Nestlé.

Foto: Nestlé

A Vegan Barbecue


The barbecue season has begun. The wide variety of new vegan meat substitutes, brought out in response to the trend for vegan barbecues, show that steaks and burgers don’t necessarily need to be made of meat to be tasty. Mixing and filling machines need to work with great precision when processing these complex ingredients.
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Plastic containers with “WOW” printed on them

Foto: Messe Düsseldorf, Constanze Tillmann

Plastic packaging: Good or bad?


Plastics are a hot topic and polarise debate at the moment. Public perception of them is often bleak. Specialists praise them because they perform well in life cycle assessments. Who’s right? We want to throw some light on the subject of plastic packaging and take a closer look at this subject in this article.
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Cucumber packed in foil on light blue background

Foto: Charles Deluvio, Unsplash

The pros and cons of packaging cucumbers


After consumption, cucumbers that have been packed in foil result in plastic waste. However, when these delicious veggies are not packed in protective packaging, a significant share winds up in the bin and is not consumed at all – particularly during the winter season, when cucumbers are imported from Southern Europe.
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It’s not just the products that are getting more sustainable - their packaging is too.


Fresh meat packaging: Demand is on the up


The globally increasing demand for packaged fresh meat leads to innovative developments in the meat packaging sector. These days, packaging and materials must be recyclable, compostable and renewable. Technology such as vacuum skin packaging, thermoforming and modified atmosphere packaging are equally gobbling up the market currently.
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Sheet of paper to pack FRoSTA products


Paper replaces plastic in frozen food packaging


From now on, there will be no more plastic in the refrigerated section – at least when it comes to selected product packaging by frozen food manufacturers FRoSTA and iglo. Their packaging innovations no longer include any plastic whilst still protecting contents ideally against permanent moisture, say the companies.
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Grafik: Messe Düsseldorf

The Russian Packaging Market


With 146 million inhabitants (as of 2017) and covering an area of 17 million square kilometres, Russia is the biggest country on earth in terms of its land mass and is therefore a promising market for the packaging industry. A current trade fair member of the interpack alliance built a gate to this region in 1976 that has stood the test of time: the upakovka.
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