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Illegal cigarette trade generates billions of tax losses for the EU. The introduction of Track and Trace systems is hoped to put an end to this. Photo: Domino

Track and Trace for Tobacco Packaging


Labelling on packaging is becoming more and more important – and not only in the pharmaceutical industry. Every so often new labelling laws also apply to other sectors of industry, such as the tobacco industry where encoding is hoped to combat illegal trade.
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No plastics tax in the EU. Photo: Messe Düsseldorf, Constanze Tillmann

No to plastics tax in the EU


Over the last few months a rumour about the possible introduction of a plastics tax in the EU has been worrying the packaging industry. However, it has now been decided that there should be no general tax on plastics.
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Colourful soup tin for colourful socks. © Luckies of London Ltd

Tinned socks


A humble tin of soup can be a work of art – as proved by Andy Warhol when he created his Campbell’s Soup Cans in the early 1960s. Moreover, a seemingly ordinary tin can be a highly creative form of packaging – as shown by an idea from the UK.
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With Nintendo Lab the major Japanese company is launching the first gaming console made of corrugated cardboard. Photo: Nintendo / PR

Sturdy and Innovative with Air and Paper


It is light, low-cost, dimensionally stable and as much as 145 years old. You can rely on it when it comes to packaging and shipping goods safely. However, it comes with many other qualities besides.
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Apple has very much pioneered packaging design and trends. Photo: Apple Vía Santa Fe will showcase Apple’s latest store design with terrazzo floors, quartz walls and oak tables. @ Apple.Inc.

Experts “Unbox” 2018


The days where packaging only served the purpose of protecting its contents are long gone. Packaging is also subject to trends today. So what does 2018 have in store for us?
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Over the last few decades the packaging industry, too, has invested a lot of time and effort in optimising its products and processes with a view to recycling. Photo: Stora Enso

100 per cent recycling


By 2030 all EU plastic packaging is to become recyclable or reusable. This has been decided by the EU Commission recently.
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Keep it simple: those getting to their Christmas presents fast have good reason to smile. Photo: File: #183509055 | Author: Jelena / fotolia.com

Frustration-free under the Christmas tree


Unwrapping is expected to be a particular treat for Christmas. All the better if the packaging is designed in a way that allows the person receiving the present to get to the desired content fast and conveniently.
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Because of Christmas, far more packages are delivered in December than at any other time of the year. Photo: Element5 Digital, pexels.com

15 million Christmas parcels


Online mail ordering has been growing steadily for many years. At the moment the challenges can be felt particularly in the packaging industry, as nearly 15 million parcels are dispatched in the run-up to Christmas in Germany alone.
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Packaging development must take account of demographic conditions, age structures and a country’s culture. Photo: Clem Onojeghuo, pexels.com

How culture and climate can impact packaging


The success of a product on international markets is largely determined by the suitability of its packaging. Decisive criteria that must be covered by packaging solutions include not only secure transportation and a long shelf life, but also country-specific traditions.
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Pet food sales have been rising steadily, which has correspondingly led to an increase in differently packaged products. Photograph: snapwiresnaps.tumblr.com, pexels.com

Packaging for Puss and Fido


Only the best food is good enough for man’s best friend. And what’s true for dogs is also true for the other pets: their owners are currently getting more demanding in terms of both content and packaging.
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