product image of two crossed stick packs.

Stick packs are being used increasingly by the pharmaceutical industry, for example for liquid medicines for oral ingestion. (Image: Volpak)

Flexible packaging for the pharmaceutical sector

1800 units in a small space

product image of the Enflex PHS 100

All the models of the series – here the Enflex PHS 100 – only require little space. (Image: Volpak)

Ready for industry 4.0

product image of the Enflex PHS 30)

The Enflex PHS series is equipped with the Coesia HMI OptiMate. (Image: Volpak)

Printing table and extruder for 3D printing

The system developed by the project HME 3D, a printing table (left) and an extruder (right). (Image: TH Köln / Heike Fischer)