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Ishida Europe has boosted performance and increased the number of models in its market leading mid-range multihead weighers to deliver faster and more accurate weighing solutions for an even wider variety of applications including sticky products.

The new RVE Series has been expanded to include 24-head models alongside 10, 14, 16 and 20 head variants.  It also now features Powerful Frequency Controlled Vibration (PFCV), the advanced Ishida technology previously only available on the company’s premium range of multihead weighers.  

The introduction of 60 new 24 head models with additional booster hoppers to the RVE Series means Ishida can offer up to 6 mix applications in its mid-range weighers. This is ideal for customers who may not need the fastest possible speeds but still require high quality control for multi-section weighing and guaranteed mix weighing accuracy.  

Ishida’s PFCV technology provides more power for unrivalled feed control of product from the top of the weigher to the hoppers.  By being able to automatically vary the amplitude and now also the frequency of vibration to achieve resonance, both the power and control can be fine-tuned.  This ensures a steady and consistent feed of even the most challenging products. 

Such controlled product feed is critical to achieve good weight combinations.

Without PFCV, weaker control means hoppers are sometimes over-filled or starved of product resulting in poor combinations being available.  To overcome this and maintain throughput, other weighers would require the weight limit settings to be increased but this would lead to excessive product giveaway.  

The introduction of PFCV enables the latest RVE models to handle sticky and bulky products with greater ease.  Another benefit of the technology is that the machine can immediately be ‘retuned’ for different product types and weights via the weigher’s remote control unit.  This retuning feature also means maximum performance can be retained throughout the lifetime of the machine instead of the need for expensive and time-consuming mechanical adjustments due to fatiguing components.

Combined with existing advanced features such as 5 stage digital filtering of Ishida load cell signals and automatic feeder adjustment, the reinvigorated RVE range offers competitive and consistent single outlet speeds of up to 120 weighments per minute and can be specified for up to 6 mix or multiple outlets. 

All models are available with a wide selection of feeder parts, single and double opening hoppers (from 1.5 to 7 litres) and different discharge chute designs as well as materials and coating options and are supported by Ishida’s large team of software and control specialists. This ensures every weigher can be tailored to individual customer product requirements, from small to large target weights and free flowing to sticky products, and to a wide variety of production line interfaces.  The high-processing speed ROHS-compliant RCU offers intuitive simple-to-use controls for fast set-up and adjustments.  

RVE weighers also incorporate as standard the Reporting Pack from Ishida’s pioneering Sentinel™ remote customer care software that supports the new generation of ‘smart’ factories as part of Industry 4.0.  This provides customers with real time remote access to machine performance and reports. Additional Sentinel™ packs can be specified for further protection and support, including remote monitoring and preventative and proactive intervention by Ishida Europe engineers.

Other options include ‘moisture sensor’ and ‘temperature sensors’ for RVE waterproof models that provide live monitoring of moisture ingress or extreme temperatures during production.  This allows fast intervention to protect companies against unscheduled downtime, reducing cost of ownership and extending machine life.



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