Lenord, Bauer & Co. GmbH

A real space miracle

When it comes to rapidly changing over to a different format, automatic positioning drives are increasingly replacing handwheels in production plants. But what happens if there is insufficient space available for installing a positioning drive? The PowerDRIVE-Positioning GEL 6109 from Lenord + Bauer solves this problem: the positioning drive offers a minimal mounting depth of just 76 mm at a nominal torque of 2.5 Nm or just 96 mm at 5 Nm, making it the most compact PowerDRIVE in its class.

It forms an extremely compact mechatronic unit comprising a brushless DC motor, a 32-bit microprocessor, a compact power amplifier and a powerful gearbox. A complete magnetic multiturn encoder is also integrated into the unit, ensuring that the PowerDRIVE is ready for use immediately after power on with no need for a reference search routine.

Users will enjoy the ease of operation: A support tool is available, allowing up to five PowerDRIVEs to be parameterised and tested via the USB port of the PowerDRIVE-Box.

Since key system parameters such as temperature, lag error and motor current are monitored, safe operation and protection against overloading are guaranteed.

The PowerDRIVE-Box regulates the power management of the positioning drives and also forms the basis for the supply of power and communication with the PowerDRIVEs via the PowerDRIVE-Connect ONE-cable solution. All standard fieldbus interfaces are available. These are supported by function blocks, simplifying integration into the machine. This diversity of interfaces is particularly interesting for mechanical engineering companies using a variety of control systems.

The anodised aluminium and stainless steel housing with a high protection class (IP 67) makes the PowerDRIVEs a popular choice in the food and packaging industries. However, the compact GEL 6109 has also proven its worth in bottling lines and in woodworking and plastics machinery.

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