Cavanna S.p.a.

All in one solution

PI.CO. is the new loader for delicate and fragile products that are handled individually. 
PI.CO. loader doesn't overlap products nor create friction that could damage them. PI.CO. ensures the portioning in slugs and piles, all in one solution. This completely new loader is mounted on the Cavanna ZeroX wrapper: both systems utilize sanitary design.
PI.CO. and ZeroX are a space-saving system. They are user friendly and provide easy cleaning and fast changeovers. In particular, the ZeroX reel-holder is adjustable in two different heights to better facilitate the replacement of the film reel.
This system offers the following advantages:
• Gentle product handling
• Quick changeovers 
• Easy sanitization
• User friendly 
• High level of ergonomics
• Reduced footprint

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