Evolabel AB

Autolabel evolves into Evolabel

Innovative print apply systems manufacturer Autolabel AB founded in Goteborg, Sweden 10 years ago is pleased to announce that they will be launching “Evolabel” as their new global brand name at the Interpack International trade show in Düsseldorf at the beginning of May 2017.

Jonas Södergård, CEO at Autolabel AB explains the reason for the rebranding: “While expanding into the US market over 2 years ago we realised that there could be a potential trademark issue with a US company using a similar sounding name. With this in mind we decided to step away from the Autolabel brand name in the territory and introduced “Evolabel” with great success. Under the Evolabel name, we finally have a brand that we can use globally without restrictions. So now it makes sense to operate under one brand name to allow us to pursue our worldwide ambitions via our skilled partner network”

To continue brand recognition, the Evolabel logo is kept very similar to the Autolabel logo and the tagline "Simplicity through technology" is unchanged. 

Jonas continues “Our vision - Stay Relevant, remains and continues to set the same high demands on us as people. Our motto is therefore still to be “good people to work with and to grow with”, which for us means trust each other and deserve to be trusted, work to have fun and allow ourselves to think freely. This is our foundation for future growth into new and existing markets”.
One example of the latest innovative label printer applicators is the FlexWipe pallet labelling solution. It really turns traditional pallet labelling upside-down. Instead of being dangerous, hard to use, large, slow and expensive, the Evolabel FlexWipe system is totally safe, user friendly, compact, fast and cost effective.

Jonas adds: “Evolabel stands for Evolution of Label Printer Applicators. The name Evolabel suits us perfectly, since we continuously evolve not only our products but also ourselves as professionals, both internally and together with our strong partners”.

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