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Our latest innovation BandoFix is a palletised load packaging process recently developed by Thimon.

⏩ BandoFix is described as THE best packaging solution ever offered in the field and is the subject of a patent application.

In particular, this innovative system offers an extremely protective packaging, ensuring that all types of loads are held in place WITHOUT DEFORMING THEM: the shrink hooding, in the BandoFix solution, holds the load without compressing it (unlike stretch film overwrapping techniques)
☛ the integrity of the sales unit on the shelf is assured.

Among its many other advantages, our BandoFix process offers :
- perfect protection against all external aggressions (water, UV, dust) on 5 to 6 sides: for any distribution circuit, and even after numerous reloads, the presentation of the product is not altered;
- total compatibility with the most demanding requirements of automated warehouses, stacker cranes or AGV carts;
- complete release of the handling tunnels on all 4 sides, in pallet and ½ pallet format.

Would you like to try it out?
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