Compressors - Compact design with exceptional efficiency

Compressed air users have always benefited from cost-effective and reliable compressed air production with KAESER’s ASD series rotary screw compressors. Covering free air deliveries from 3.16 to 5.53 m³/min at 7.5 bar, and capable of 15 bar maximum operating pressure, these compact compressors are the perfect choice for users who require smaller volumes of quality compressed air.

At the heart of every ASD compressor is a high performance Kaeser rotary screw airend equipped with flow-optimised ‘Sigma Profile’ rotors. The ‘D’ in ASD stands for Direct Drive, which means that the airend and the drive motor are directly coupled and turn at exactly the same speed. The drive power is transmitted from the motor to the airend without the losses incurred by gearing or drive belts. The use of premium efficiency IE3 electrical motors also contributes to additional energy savings.

Another important efficiency-enhancing component is the new “Sigma Control 2” internal controller: This advanced system not only enables demand-oriented performance matching and dependable monitoring, but ensures even greater flexibility through its numerous interfaces and innovative plug-in communication modules. Therefore, connection to energy-saving master control systems, computer networks and / or remote diagnostics and monitoring systems, such as Kaeser's Teleservice facility, couldn’t be easier. The addition of an integrated RFID reader ensures service continuity, increases security and significantly raises service quality.

‘Sigma Control 2’ equipped ASD compressors can also be connected to a second machine of the same specification to provide co-ordinated base load operation - a master control system is therefore not required. One of the units assumes the 'Master' role and thereby precisely co-ordinates performance of both compressors to suit specific compressed air demand. It also ensures that both machines are evenly loaded.

Featuring a radial fan and optimised cooling-air flow, the ASD’s clever cooling system ensures low compressed air outlet temperatures. The fan’s power reserve is sufficient for long lengths of ducting and, as a result, eliminates the need for installation of an additional exhaust fan. Moreover, it consumes less power than a comparable axial fan. In conjunction with exceptional sound insulation, the high performance ventilation system enables low sound levels of only 65 to max. 69 dB (A), depending on model.

Furthermore, ASD compressors are optionally available with an integrated refrigeration dryer and / or frequency control module. This versatile modular design therefore allows the compressor system to be precisely tailored to meet the user's exact requirements.

The electronic thermal management feature controls the oil temperature to maintain a consistent and reliable differential with respect to the condensation temperature; it also prevents unnecessarily high compression discharge temperatures to ensure even greater energy savings.

Energy- and eco-friendly filters
Resource conservation was also top a priority when it came to interior design of the machine: the eco-friendly fluid filter elements no longer have a permanently attached sheet metal housing; rather, they’re simply inserted in an aluminium housing. The filter elements themselves contain no metal, making them ready for easy thermal disposal at the end of their service life – without the need for any additional pre-treatment.

Advanced controller for optimal performance
The advanced Sigma Control controller masterfully coordinates a full range of monitoring functions to track the performance of the compressor – and a frequency converter, if applicable. Furthermore, the Sigma Control allows Teleservice capability and enables straightforward connection to master control systems and data networks, thereby providing seamless integration of the compressors within an Industry 4.0 environment.

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