New Project S.r.l.


DAKY PACK is a producer of automatic packaging machines in Bologna and its core business is the packaging of small food portions as:

·        Soft cubes – Knorr
·        Hard cubes – Maggi
·        Yeast – Lesaffre
·        Cheese – Nestle MIO

On this different kind of packaging we are able to supply NEW packing machineries:

·        Co-operation in press supply with GRUP MAKINA Turkey or BONALS Spain
·        Wrapping for prismatic product small dimension W46 max speed 600 t/m
·        Wrapping for prismatic product small dimension W26 max speed 600 t/m
·        Wrapping for prismatic product small dimension W23 max speed 300 t/m
·        Cartoning machine from open blank size 2-24 B75 max speed 120 cartons
·        In case of two cubes boxes we pack two simultaneously, max capacity 240 c/m
·        Tray machine with open blank with hot melt for cubes and cartons 25 p/m
·        Semi-automatic machine TRAY 60 with pre-glued tray fro cubes and cartons.

On the other side our experience could face the overhauling (complete rebuilding, as NEW) of SECOND HAND equipment:


o       Sapal BN-L

o       Sapal BN-L2

o       Fette Perfecta 4B

o       Corazza ID 65/V

o       Bonals BR 12

o       Corazza A 2001

o       Corazza FD 220/C2

o       Corazza A 2001 N

o       Corazza FD 5

o       Corazza AD 601

o       Super benhil

o       others

·        Spares for your machines

·        Size change: like the project for Nestle France in a line composed by Perfecta and BN-L.


Hard/soft CUBES. We performed and cooperate to many projects worldwide we can summarize here listing some of the important customers we worked with:

Unilever: Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Italy, Portugal, Greece, South Africa, Nigeria, Mauritania.
Nestlè: Turkey, Germany, France, South America, Senegal, Mali, Indonesia, Nigeria, Guinea, Cameroun.
Ulker: Turkey.
Gallina Blanca: Cuba, Spain.
Massel: Australia
Mct: Philippine
Kamis: Poland
Gezon: Mexico
Interal: Spain
Calnort: Spain
Miltecks: Bulgaria
Lesaffre: Italy
Pomurske: Slovenia

All our activities are carried out on the basis of a high level of standardization in this field, and full warranties are offered to DAKY to our customers.


During the last years DAKY followed the developing of the high production line for yeast between 25 and 62 grs capacity for the small 240 pieces at minute, PARMA site.  .

This are the main projects followed for Lesaffre and developed with supervision as a technician (under other TRADEMARK):
·        The first BN-L Italy size 25 grs capacity 240 cubes at minute, December 2007.
·        The second NB-L Spain size 25 grs capacity 240 cubes at minute, May 2009.
·        The third BN-P Italy size 25 grs capacity 120 cubes at minute, March 2009.
·        The fourth BN-L Italy size 25 grs capacity 240 cubes at minute, September 2009.
·        The fifth BN-P Argentina size 33-26 grs capacity 120 cubes at minute, November 2009.
·        The sixth BN-P USA size 62 grs capacity 120 cubes at minute, Jenuary 2011.
·        The seventh BN-L Italy size 25 grs capacity 240 cubes at minute, February 2012.
·        The eight BN-P Turkey size 55 grs capacity 120 cubes at minute, in progress.
 Under DAKY PACK trademark we followed the projects
·       The tenth Vietnam 500 grs Block capacity 50 pieces in a minute, September 2014
·       The eleventh Italy Menegatti machine for Parma plant, January 2015
·       The twelfth Italy Corazza machine for Parma plant, December 2015
Other most recently performed , on demand

The expertise allow to supply for yeast products these solutions:

·        NEW WRAPPING for yeast line for 25 to 60 grs.
·        NEW EXTRUDER AND CUTTER for yeast from 25 grs to 500 grs in co-operation with experienced company in Parma ITALY.
·        Overhauled machinery as Sapal for yeast 25 to 60 grs.
·        Overhauled machinery as Acma for yeast big dimension.
·        Machine modification, as we have done in the first 25 gr with Sapal BN-L.
·        Other when request will be evaluated.

Concerning 40 grs request we want to focus on are: wrapping machine, product and capacity.

·        Wrapping machine: DAKY propose NEW machines or second hand SWISS machine as SAPAL.
·        Product: We saw, in all the seven lines delivery to Lesaffre, some pieces of yeast drops down from the belt when is accumulated (near the pusher to the elevator). The friction between the products, when you push onto the elevator, breaks the edge. With brushless motor we keep them separate all the times, so when we push onto the elevator we don’t have any friction. With this system we eliminate the damage on the cubes generated from the accumulation on the belt.
·        Capacity: Actually the big size are made with the Sapal BN-P single head at capacity 100/120 pieces minute.
In case of request we are making the same machines of the small size but double head and not single, in order to reach higher production capacity: 240 pieces in a minute.
For the two main configurations/sizes of yeast, the small (25grs) and the big (from 40 to 62,5 grs) here attached technical proposal from DAKY:

·        25 grs.
o      new machines speed 240
·        40-62,5 grs
o      (new machines) speed 240
·        Extruder and cutter for small size
o      from size 25 to the 62,5 grs
·        Extruder big size:
·        Cutter big size:

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