Cavanna S.p.a.

Delicate Flowpacking for pharma

Not only bakery and confectionery: the pharma industry likes the accuracy and reliability of the Cavanna complex wrapping lines and appreciate its valuable solutions to wrap devices and BFS cards.
At Interpack there is a ZERO5 Box Motion wrapper that seals at controlled temperature.  
Unlike a standard flowpacker, the Zero5 Box Motion focuses the heat only in the sealing areas, leaving the rest of the pack at ambient temperature (longitudinal and transversal ultrasonic sealing). 
With the cooperation of its customers, decades of experience on wrapping materials and the support of the TestClab (the Cavanna test lab), Cavanna has been able to upgrade its wrapping systems to the ultrasonic technology: the sealing unit that follows the product ensure precision, speed and heat only in the sealing areas. 
Finally, Marchesini Group, specialized in the pharma sector, has supplied a loader suitable to reach a speed of 100 pieces/min. 
The advantages of the system are: 
• Low temperature for pharma products 
• Double sealing, with ultrasonic technology for longitudinal and transversal sealings 
• The products are handled gently up to the sealing 

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