Heuft Systemtechnik GmbH

Give way to food safety

HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH will be making premium standard at interpack 2017 (Stand 11 / D14). The unique combination of top innovations and proven modules sets new standards in terms of detection accuracy, operational reliability and price / performance ratio during an in-line quality inspection.

From a metal to a glass in glass detection and from checking the closure integrity to verifying and tracking product markings: HEUFT will be showing new products at interpack which pave the way for full packaging integrity and food safety. New solutions for the precise identification of foreign objects and defects in a confined space can be experienced there addition to the highly automated inspection systems of the HEUFT SPECTRUM II generation.

A completely new device category which makes its world debut at the packaging trade fair provides the optimal introduction to a metal detection and marking inspection in line with HEUFT standards. HEUFT ONE  is the name of the very compact, easy to integrate and reliable to operate stand-alone devices which combine innovative detection technologies with customised hardware and software and proven HEUFT procedures for an exact product tracking, inspection and fault rejection. They set new standards in a confined space in terms of detection accuracy, operational reliability and price / performance ratio.

The HEUFT FinalView II CAP  for the continuous optical complete inspection of closures and their safety elements as well as the further optimised unique pulsed X-ray technology are also among the new pathbreaking products at the interpack exhibition. The latter offers the full spectrum to those who wish to find more than just metal during a foreign object inspection: the HEUFT eXaminer II XB top-down inspector and the HEUFT eXaminer II XAC for the complete base and sidewall inspection of full containers find all types of high density contaminants from a small stone to a glass splinter.

The further developments for a foreign object and closure inspection are impressive due to their unprecedented level of performance and automation as well as a self-explanatory machine human interface (MHI) with the audiovisual HEUFT NaVi user guidance like all the systems of the particularly powerful HEUFT SPECTRUM II series. This not only gives the detection but also the operational and manipulation reliability of the systems priority and thus ensures full packaging integrity and food safety sustainably.

This does not only apply to the premium inspection systems of the HEUFT SPECTRUM II series. The compact solutions of the brand new HEUFT ONE device category already provide an optimal introduction to a quality inspection in line with HEUFT standards. They can be experienced live and in action for the first time at the interpack exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany: Stand 11 / D14.

Exhibitor Data Sheet