Cavanna S.p.a.

High speeds for products on edge

Among the systems that you will see running in our stand, there is one specially made for products on edge.
This line includes a new SBF volumetric loader integrated into a ZERO5S NKZ flowpacker. 
The main feature of this loader is a different design that makes cleaning, change-overs and maintenance easier. For some types of products, it is possible to reach a speed of 30 ppm.  
Once the slugs are formed, a rotating system, which works up to 320 ppm, transfers them on the flowpacker infeed. Special flight fingers and lateral chains secure the slug in its vertical position. 
Finally, the ZERO5S NKZ speed and precision are incomparable with other models actually present in the global market. Loader, rotating transferring system and flowpacker are together the most efficient and fastest solution for the products on edge. 
The advantages of the system are: 
• Technology applied to the on-edge packaging
• High speeds  
• Easy accessibility to the loader for change-overs and maintenance 
• Easy sanitization for loader and wrapper
• High ergonomics  

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