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Highlights from Turkey Packaging Industry Report 2019 (with 2018 data) by ASD Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association

With its $22M packaging sector industry, Turkey ranks 6th in Eurasia and Europe, 16th in the world packaging industry listings.

A Brief Overview of Turkish Packaging Industry

The analysis of 2018 production data according to the product groups in the 2019 Industry Report published by ASD Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association is as follows:

Plastic packaging ranks first with 39%, followed by corrugated cardboard with 26%, glass packaging with 16%, wooden packaging with 6%, cardboard packaging with 7%, metal packaging with 5% and paper packaging with 1%.

Turkish Packaging Industry Export Figures: $4.6 Billion

Compared to the previous year; Turkish Packaging Industry export increased by 9% in volume, and 1% in value.

Also in 2018; The United Kingdom (England), Germany, Iraq, Italy, Israel, France, Iran, USA, the Netherlands, and Egypt were among the top 10 countries in exports. In 2018, plastic packaging products ranked first in the packaging industry exports with a 65% share. The other important packaging group exported was paper, cardboard, corrugated cardboard packaging products with a 24% export share. Metal packaging products ranked third in exports with 8%, followed by glass packaging with 2% and wooden packaging with 1%.

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