ILPRA's latest technology is the FITPACK application, generated by the demands for sustainability and lower energy consumption increasingly sought after in the packaging sector.

Faithfully reproducing the aesthetics of SKIN packaging, the FITPACK application uses a standard thermoforming material, with the possibility of packaging any type of product that has a constant shape and size, such as hamburgers, slices of cheese and other calibrated products.
The FITPACK system allows vacuum packaging inside a customised container; the sealing support is made up of a printed cardboard which, once separated from the plastic layer, becomes 100% recyclable. The many advantages of this application include a lower use of material, 30% less than the application in SKIN, and a lower cost as regards the packaging itself, given the standardized use of forming material.
A machine capable of packaging in FITPACK mode is highly versatile, as it can also work with plastic sealing films in standard mode.

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