ITENE Packaging, Transport & Logistics Research Center

ITENE proposes new high-barrier materials and improving food safety at Interpack 2017

NE Research Center participates actively at the world's largest packaging trade fair INTERPACK in Düsseldorf, Germany, presenting multi-material and sustainable packaging solutions.

This edition, ITENE will have a double presence as exhibitor: a space located in the Save Food Innovationparc Packaging area, where it will show all the technologies to avoid food waste and food loss. And it will have another space in hall 9 (stand D08), where it will present new high performance materials (with improved barrier, mechanical, thermal properties) and intelligent and active packaging systems to enhance food safety, as well as equipment for the simulation of transport and testing to solve problems in distribution and optimize the packaging system.

ITENE will present business cases of patented technology to extend the shelf life of foods up to 50% compared to conventional conservation systems. For instance, the Center has a packaging system for mushrooms that allows a 100% humidity control.

It will also exhibit a printable colorimetric indicator for poultry products already on the market, which changes its color as the deterioration of the packaged product progresses. Therefore, consumers can be aware of the real spoilage of the product, not only through the estimated expiration date printed on the packaging.

Another novelty is the presentation of the first device in the market that allows to detect more precisely what are the risks that the packaged loads face during its distribution process. The transport is multiaxial, and it means that the vibrations that occur in the loads not only are vertical or horizontal, but they do it from all the axes. Having such data allows to make better decisions and design a packaging system that ensures the integrity of the product more efficiently.

In addition, ITENE will exhibit a biodegradable and compostable packaging solution, which improves the barrier and antioxidant properties of conventional PLA, improving the product shelf life in 18 months. The Center will make a visual demonstration of the process of biodegradability and compostability of a natural cosmetic packaging during three months.

Exhibitor Data Sheet