HDG Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH

Interpack Exhibit HDG RB-200-2

The HDG RB-200-2 machine is a compact hori­zontal form, fill and seal machine with proven ­turret ­system for side sealed pouches and simul­taneously, the smallest and most space-saving HDG machine model in duplex version.
As well as its “bigger sister” the RB-400-2, it ­belongs to the HDG premium line and distinguishes itself by high performance as well as flexibility. ­By the practical modular design, all of the pouch types shown in the following overview can be ­produced and filled.

The exhibition machine shows an application for the packaging of bath essences. These products contain essential oils – a characteristic, which makes high demands to the dosing solution. Therefore, on this machine, HDG applies an HDG duplex tube slide doser in an evolved and project adopted design. With this combination an output of up to 180 four side sealed or stand up pouches per minute is achieved.
Depending on project requirements all HDG ­machine models are available in “wash down” execution: completely sealed machine housing, all round drain with central collecting point as well ­as higher floor clearance for easier cleaning below the machine. A hygienic advantage that can come into practical use for many applications.
With the integration of a new quick change over ­system, not only the change over time of different pouch formats can be drastically reduced, but also the cleaning of the equipment can be optimized. The possibility to control the sealing stations by servo drives and, combined with this, to cover a large spectrum of film qualities, top off this highly optimized machine concept.

Technical Data RB-200-2 Exhibit
Performance: up to 240 pouches/minute
Pouch sizes: 40 x 40 mm min., 92 x 250 mm max.
Packaging material: flexible film Dosing Systems: auger fillers, slide fillers, cup fillers, special fillers, tissue feeders, weighing systems, liquid dosing systems

Exhibitor Data Sheet