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Label printers MACH1/MACH2: Questions to Dirk Roland

Why have small-sized printers been added to the range of cab products?
For many years we have been established in the development and manufacture of industrial printers, as well as niche solutions such as two-color printing, double-sided printing and printing on textile and continuous materials. With the desktop printers MACH1 and MACH2 we complete our printer range in the lower price segment.   

What had been the major requirement in development?
We felt it was important to offer our customers the reliability usually known of cab, easy handling and a good-looking design combined in a small device, presented as MACH1. With the MACH2 we offer a printer type that has a colored display and the cab navigator pad already integrated. All at competitive prices.

What are the fields of application?
Both MACH printers weigh less than three kilos each and require little footprint. This makes them fit for use in limited spaces and wherever labels have to be printed on-site at different places. We particularly think of the retailers’ demand for small duty applications, with a large industrial printer oversized compared to the needs. Its low-noise printing suits the MACH1 and MACH for personal use in the office as well.

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