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PE-based flexible monofilm - For total recyclability To meet the demands of the European Union that are part of the EUROPEAN STRATEGY FOR PLASTICS IN A CIRCULAR ECONOMY, ITP has made its best resources available in terms of human capital and innovative technology.For years the company's policy has been to reduce the thicknesses and simplify the structures of the films offered to its customers. This allows them to make packagings that have less and less impact onto the environment. 
The new film produced by ITP is a single PE, therefore monofilm as well as monomaterial, with different properties in its external and internal layer.
Because, if the major efforts of packaging manufacturers focus on the problem of marine pollution to help reduce it, the main functions of the packaging, especially for fresh food products, is their preservation for as long as possible to avoid waste and the protection of the consumer’s health.
All this is guaranteed despite the elimination of the lamination phase. Indeed, without the use of glues and adhesives, the risk of formation of aromatic amines, which is harmful to health and environment, is erased.
In a single PE ITP has gathered,
in its external layer: 
  • a high thermal resistance and the typical properties of bi-oriented films
and in its inner side:
  • a low sealing initiation temperature (SIT), which is needed to start the sealing process onto the packaging machines.
Monofilm can therefore be used directly on the packaging plant without the need for lamination to bi-oriented supports (such as boPET, boPP, oPA, ...). Which makes it totally recyclable. The normal production paces on packaging machines are not at all penalized.   INTENDED USE ITP is able to produce monofilms starting from thicknesses of approximately 50µm (for small packages) up to very high thicknesses, indicatively 160-180µm (to make stand-up pouches or large-sized bags). In these cases the barrier with an EVOH content <5%, commonly considered recyclable, is required. Eventually, the film can also be used as a top for trays.   When the intended use of the monofilms is to pack frozen products, no barrier function is required. Any printing technology can give attractiveness to PE monofilms located on supermarket shelves. It is an external print which, on request, is protected by a scratch-resistant varnish providing the printing with a special brightness.

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