Cavanna S.p.a.

Many different cookies, one line

This line has been designed to wrap different types of cookies in a singlepack and multipacks. 
It includes accumulation belts, "U" buffer, row distribution system, accumulation and stream lines, superimposing systems, two flowpackers model ZERO5S (at the exhibition there will be only one), two collating systems, a G41 robotized unit to form fill and close cartons   
This is a complex solution with a high degree of integration that is better performing through the new design of the flowpacker: compared to the old ZERO5 model, the new ZERO5S has a more accessible and compact reel holder for easier sanitization.  
The line can wrap both single products and piles; the secondary packaging forms, fills and closes different size cartons. Cavanna reconfirms its ability to provide complex systems around the primary pack and multipack. 
The advantages of the system are: 
• Flexibility: 13 different products wrapped in single piece or piles of 2, 3 and 4; 6 different sizes of cartons
• High speed: up to 80 rows/min, 620 PPM for each single wrapper and 98 cartons/min
• Easy sanitization for the flowpacker
• Simple and fast change-overs

Exhibitor Data Sheet