Micvac AB

Micvac enters a new business area - Food Service

Better food with less effort is the motto for this new business area which offers a new way to cook for commercial kitchens, catering and restaurants. The patented Micvac process for in-pack cooking and pasteurisation is now being used within the food service area. The unique reclosable Micvac valve has shown to be very efficient also in steam ovens used in  large scale  kitchens. The concept has been tested until now mainly in Spain and Sweden and proven very successful allowing new ways of producing and managing the logistics for these companies.

The use of the method allows the production and serving to be independent from one another. Food with a longer and safe shelf life, enables an improved efficiency when it comes to plan the production of the meals, the use of staff and the convenience when heating it up. Less food is thrown away all through the value chain as you only heat up what you actually need.  And you can stock meals and components to deal with shortage etc.

Exhibitor Data Sheet