Proform SARL

On Display - PROFORM Stand

The ECO CHEW LINER in combination with HÄNSEL Processing, the latest technology in Soft Candy Processing, featuring a Proform MI 100 Intruder with Rework Side Feeder. The Intruder is a single machine with the capacity of four, with no labor. Come and visit us to learn more!

Ball Former BF 1002
for bubble or chewing gum, grained chewy candy, hard candy and marzipan, plastic or feed type products...
the wide range of format sizes will be shown: from a mini size to mammoth size ball drive sets.

GE 140 - HY Extruder
The High Hygiene version of the GE 140 Extruder

KE 60 Licorice Cooker
An economical production solution

Come and visit us to learn more!

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