Online printing with food ink

We will be exhibiting our multi-lane printing system to allow customization of your products with an innovative industrial system. The system work with natural food ink: brown is caramel-based & magenta is red grape-based...

The prospects are many, the fields of action too. We tested on many products: biscuit, nougat, macaron, donut, wafer, brioche, candy etc.

Advantages of our system:
  • Modularity: we adapt the system to your production, on a one lane before a flowpack or on 10-16 or more lanes at the output of the oven.
  • Flexibility: our system allows changing the image from one product to an other automatically. Possibility also to have a different image on each lane.
  • Versatility: up to 4 lanes, the system can be installed on a mobile trolley, to be moved on several production lines.
We will be testing the system on our booth during the show, do not hesitate to visit us at Hall 4D54.

Exhibitor Data Sheet