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What is the ideal packaging machine for your process? In the purchasing process, we will coordinate with you what it takes to optimise your packaging process. The Speedpack Hybrid offers so many possibilities that we are happy to work with you to determine the right specifications. In the article, we will walk you through the different phases of the purchasing process in order to optimise your packaging process.

Purchasing process of Speedpack Hybrid in E-fulfilment
The decision to pack more efficiently and at a lower cost in E-fulfilment is taken by management, logistics managers as well as by consultants involved in process optimisation. We have been seeing growth in E-commerce for years and the Speedpack Hybrid is the ideal solution to deal with this growth in an efficient way. But at the same time, Audion Packaging Machines has increasingly seen its services already being requested in the design phase of E-fulfilment environments that are yet to be realised and is being asked to advise on the most optimal design of the Speedpack Hybrid.

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