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Portion2Pack – VEMAG Filling, Portioning and Packaging Solutions in a Nutshell

The food machinery specialist based in Verden offers a vast portfolio for tailor-made packaging solutions

Everything must be packed - ideally in a sustainable and recyclable manner and with as little packaging material as possible to reduce waste. A topic that is currently occupying the packaging industry and food manufacturers. After all, packaging still is extremely important to preserve the product quality and highly influences the purchasing behaviour of consumers, in particular at first sale. Whatever the manufacturer decides on – the product must find its way safely and reliably into the packaging. VEMAG is the ideal partner for the gentle and secure feeding and filling of innovative packages of all kinds.

VEMAG Portion2Pack – intelligent solutions supplied by one single source
Weight-accurate portioning, even forming, exact placing and loading into packaging: a complete production process from one source. VEMAG “Portion2Pack” puts the leading know-how in a nutshell and inspires the customers with its innovative and creative solutions.

VEMAG offers an extensive range of production solutions for portioning and depositing into packages. Minced meat, burgers, sausages, convenience products, baked goods, pet food, chemical or pharmaceutical products - there are no limits to the scope of application. Not to forget the many new food items like meat-free and plant-based products. Here as well VEMAG takes the lead when it comes to filling, portioning and placing.

The fully automatic range of placing and loading solutions is made to feed into cups, jars, trays, cans, thermoformers or alternative packages. Additionally, various other packaging lines can be loaded completely according to customer requirements. As an example, VEMAG is also part of a new and innovative packaging solution in which minced meat is packed in a horizontal flow wrap process, brought to live together with Fuji Packaging Technology.

Packaging solutions by VEMAG
VEMAG offers individual solutions such as the tray denester FD316 for flexible denesting of trays in various formats, the can filling system FKFII for the precise filling of tins and jars, as well as the multi-lane portioning system for dosing and filling of liquid and pasty mixtures into cups and thermoformers.

The Linkloader LL335 is a fully automatic grouping system for fresh sausages filled in various types of casing loading sausage groups directly into trays.

The flexible Multiloader MLR380 automatically deposits portions of different shapes manufactured on a single-lane production line into individual multi-lane deposit patterns, for example for the efficient loading of thermoforming machines.

Product safety and absolute weight-accuracy play the key role for VEMAG, along with flexibility in the use of different packaging formats and quick changeover times.

The production is ultimately all about precise, quick, weight-accurate and reliable filling of receptacles of all kinds. VEMAG provides the perfect solution from a single source: a combination of a VEMAG vaccum filling machine with matching attachments for portioning or loading into packaging makes up a complete solution. Whether paste-like, flowable or coarse: the volumetric portions are identical, all products are filled gently and with highest weight-accuracy. 

Optimum hygiene – first-class service: typically VEMAG
All VEMAG machines and attachments are designed to deliver optimum hygiene. Each product-conducting part can be quickly and easily dismantled for product change-over or the daily cleaning routine. The entire system can be cleaned with low pressure systems and standard detergents. 

First-class support, excellent service performance and absolute customer focus with every stage of solution implementation round off the VEMAG portfolio.

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