Tamperguard Limited Corporation

Product Launch

Tamperguard Launches its Theft-Deterrent Packing Tape, 
To Help Companies Prevent In-Transit Theft & Inventory Shrinkage

New Tamper-Evident Product to be Unveiled at Interpack 2020, Solves both the Critical Cost & Security Challenges by Making Secure Packaging Accessible to Every Business
Tamperguard is a world leader in the development and production of tamper evident tapes, known for our cutting-edge technology, high quality and competitive marketing. By leveraging more than thirty years of experience, Tamperguard has now transformed regular old packing tape into the world's most cost-effective, theft-deterrent packaging solution. To combat the growing problem of in-transit theft and inventory shrinkage, we have developed a unique manufacturing process that has enabled us to slash the cost of tamper-evident carton sealing tapes. This will be an absolute game-changer! 
The expense of stolen product is calculable, how do you value the clients experience. Packages that arrive missing items frustrate and annoy. The explosive growth of E-commerce has left the integrity of an ever-growing number of shipper’s reputations susceptible. Tamperguard’s cost effective solution allows the shipper to show their clients that they care and want them to enjoy a problem free experience.
At this year’s Interpack we will be exhibiting our carton sealing tapes, security bag tapes and self-adhesive films for label manufacturers. If you are interested in a sneak preview of the future of packing tape, we would happy to send you sample rolls. We believe that the security of every package shipped is of critical importance to the satisfaction of the valuable customer and for the financial health of the company shipping. We are looking for partners who want to participate in the fast-growing market for security packaging. Please contact Tamperguard at info@Tamperguard.com or (888) 545-2235

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