Reading Bakery Systems

RBS launches Online Portal for Improved Parts & Service Support

Reading Bakery Systems (RBS), a leading manufacturer of industrial baking systems for the production of baked snacks, launched the RBS eZone, an online portal for improved parts & service support.

The RBS eZone offers customers an easier way to request parts and maintain their equipment. The system gives you access to 3D models of your equipment to easily find parts and see how to disassemble and service the machines. This makes maintenance easier and parts ordering much more accurate.

The RBS eZone also gives customers access to digital copies of equipment manuals, schematics and maintenance videos.

“We are excited to offer our customers around the globe an easier and more accurate way to request parts, and access to critical information to maintain their equipment,” said Mark Priar, director of parts and service sales, RBS. “It was important for us to provide 24/7 online access so customers have information immediately when they need it.”

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