Cavanna S.p.a.

Random arrival but high productivity?

A high-speed and high-precision flowpackers need precise and reliable feeding systems with zero defects.
Most of the times, products arrive random on a conveyor belt from processing lines. 
The integrated line proposed for these situations includes an aligning system and flowpacker all in a small footprint. A vision system detects shapes and positions of the products: two G44 robotized isles receive the digital signal from the vision system, turn the products and put them on the Zero4 wrapper infeed. A wrapper conceived for frequent and effective sanitization.   
It is not a system for low productivities because it is possible to add other wrapping lines and increase the productivity. At the exhibition the robotized units can handle up to 417 products per minute, but in a real situation it can reach 1250 products per minute.
The advantages of the system are:
• Loading of products coming randomly 
• Flexibility: adjustable systems for high productivity
• The flowpacker is sanitary design
• Small footprint
• Fast changeovers 

Exhibitor Data Sheet