Hosokawa Alpine Aktiengesellschaft

Resource-saving and intelligent compacting technology from Hosokawa Alpine - High performance capability in a compact installation space

The powder to be compacted during the compaction process is fed to two synchronised contra-rotating rollers in dosed amounts. Between the two rolls the powder is compacted into flakes. Afterward the flakes can be crushed by a flake crusher into granules. The product portfolio of Hosokawa Alpine, one of the leading providers in the fields of process technology and film extrusion, includes several compactor models tailored to suit the individual application areas. With the C 80 Pharmapaktor, HOSOKWA ALPINE has developed a solution for especially fine and challenging powders. The machine is resource-saving and allows extremely small material quantities to be processed. Hosokawa Alpine thus offers a solution to match the high demands of the pharmaceuticals industry.

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