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Schur Flexibles' MonoFlow(re) awarded German Packaging Award

The fully recyclable PP flowpack solution MonoFlow(re) for fresh food – a more sustainable alternative to common PET or PA composite material solutions - has been awarded the German Packaging Award 2020 for Sustainability 

MonoFlow(re) - bringing more sustainability to the fresh food shelf

MonoFlow(re) P-Type is a highly transparent, fully recyclable PP-based high barrier film. It can be offered both as a flowpack and as a prefabricated stand-up pouch. At 95 % recyclability, MonoFlow(re) PXC has been certified as "excellent" by an external institute in accordance with the German minimum standard. Compared to conventional packaging for fresh food - typically PET and / or PA composites - the MonoFlow(re) P-Type is fully PP-based. In addition to its recyclability, the flowpack variant offers numerous other advantages: due to the high oxygen and water vapour barrier, MonoFlow(re) P-Type is ideally suited for fresh, high-maintenance food products. It protects for example cheese or fresh meat from too early spoilage all the way from production to the consumer. In production it scores highly for efficiency and can be reliably processed on existing machines. The specially developed sealing layer seals quickly at low temperatures and has a large sealing window with a temperature range of 30°C, which offers a high degree of safety even during start-stop operation.

Schur Flexibles also offers the MonoFlow(re) as a recyclable premade stand-up pouch with practical extras such as an integrated zipper - for more convenience for the consumer.

Dazzling performance at the POS

Overall, MonoFlow(re) P-Type convinces as a particularly sustainable packaging alternative, e.g. for cheese, fresh meat or fresh pasta. It is available in both highly transparent and white variants. With the various finishing possibilities from Schur Flexibles in flexo, gravure or digital printing and a selection of eye-catching haptic lacquers it ensures a unique appearance at the POS. 

Innovative packaging concepts for maximum plastics savings

With the switch from non-recyclable packaging to recyclable alternatives, a major step towards sustainability has already been taken. An even greater effect can be achieved by completely rethinking the packaging concept. This is where Schur Flexibles comes in with their “rethink campaign”. Together with their partners the packaging specialists rethink existing concepts and with their sustainable alternatives design the packaging of the future. Thus, Schur Flexibles has already been able to demonstrate savings in plastic of up to 60% by packing minced meat in a flowpack. 

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