Ronchi Mario S.p.A.


On the 4TH May in Düsseldorf (Germany), the 2017 edition of INTERPACK will open its doors. Ronchi Mario SpA could not miss the opportunity to present another interesting novelty especially dedicated to the packaging industry: the newest EXACTA/R 12/6, the most renowned Filling-Capping Monoblock in a new and technologically advanced version.

Main features of the machine on display on the booth 8aA48 in Hall 08a can be summarized as follows:
- equipped with 12 filling stations with magnetic inductive flow-meters  (as for all Filling Machines of the Exacta series, it is possible to fit  mass-type flow-meters) 
- especially designed for Cosmetic,  Chemical, Food & Pharmaceutical industries
- manufactured in  “ultra-clean” version
- all parts in direct contact with the product, from collector to filling nozzles, manufactured in 316L steel.
- new closed loop C.I.P. system ensuring the most efficient washing process, automatically carried out through a simple touch from the operator’s panel.
- equipped with 6 capping stations suitable to handle all kind of caps and pumps
- each of the capping stations is equipped with an independent servo-motor which ensures maximum production flexibility and extremely precise torque control.
  - electronic Cam to ensure rapid and automatic format change over with flexibility for handling different type of pumps with dip-tubes having different lengths
- the dip tube is positively guided and controlled throughout the insertion process.
- the new machine can handle screw-on caps, press-on caps and caps to be oriented

Exhibitor Data Sheet