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Theegarten-Pactec at interpack 2017, Top performance for small-sized confectionery products, Hall 4, Stand A21

Whether for small-sized confectionery products, foodstuffs such as stock cubes, or non-food items such as dishwasher tablets: Theegarten-Pactec offers customized packaging machines for every type of product. As an innovation leader, the Dresden-based company uses the latest technologies and manufacturing processes to continuously develop its systems. The company will present its latest innovations and developments at interpack 2017, Hall 4, stand A21, where eleven exhibits will be on show. Among the highlights is the new CFW-D high-performance packaging machine for chocolate products in fold wrap, which sets a new record with an output of up to 1,400 products per minute. Visitors will also be able to get a good idea of the company’s system expertise and the services it offers.

Double performance thanks to twin-lane design

With the new CFW-D, Theegarten-Pactec now offers confectionery manufacturers a packaging machine able to process moulded or coated chocolate products such as napolitains or small pralines with an output of up to 1,400 products per minute in fold wrap, with or without sleeves. This is made possible by the machine’s twin-lane design. Product tolerances are compensated through the use of spring retainer jaws on the packing head – a feature which is especially important for coated confectionery products so as to wrap them without causing damage. In addition, sensors detect the rate of delivery in order to minimise backlogs and set an optimum machine speed depending on the products being fed.

A classic range from Theegarten-Pactec is the “U” machine series of forming, cutting and packaging machines. For the first time Theegarten-Pactec presents the U1-D-CW in combination with an F3 stick packer. This space-saving system packs products such as chewing gum in side fold, bottom fold or envelope fold at up to 2,000 products per minute, and then overwraps them in multi-packs. Intermittent operation allows a compact design with high performance. Output per minute has been doubled compared with the U1/F1, with virtually the same space requirement, operating personnel and energy consumption.

System expertise and integrated process solutions 

A combination of reliable packaging machines with different feeding and storage components allows Theegarten-Pactec to offer its customers complete system solutions for primary wrapping. The company also acts as a partner for integrated process solutions. Theegarten-Pactec has collaborated for many years with market leaders in the field of process technology and secondary packaging. The experts cooperate and implement all components in one production line – from feeding and wrapping to cartoning.

Three exhibits at the fair will demonstrate the company’s expertise as a system supplier. This includes a system for fully automatic compression of glucose powder into tablets followed by preliminary packaging in flow packs. The process uses a press from Romaco Kilian and a power feed system from AZO. The compressed glucose tablets are packaged by the proven FPC5 machine in flow packs at high speed with an output of 1,500 pieces per minute. 

New developments give a commanding lead 

Theegarten-Pactec continues to develop its extensive machine series. Machines exhibited by Theegarten-Pactec at interpack will include the CWM2 with an extended range of applications: This compact and flexible packaging machine for processing chocolate is now able to add a banderole to the packaged product. As a machine in the medium-performance range – up to 500 products per minute – the CMW2 is able to realise a variety of folding types: double twist, top twist, side twist, top clip, envelope fold and bunch. The modular design combined with a robotic feed allows quick format changes. 

Theegarten-Pactec leads the market with its packaging machines in the high-performance range – therefore several exhibits from this segment will be on show at interpack.

The MCC and MCH machines offer high performance and flexibility. The machines package a wide variety of product formats, particularly sensitive products such as coated jelly and filled chocolate, with an output of up to 1,200 products per minute. The MCC, previously used for five different folding types – double twist, top twist, side twist, Viennese fruit fold and foil wrap – will in future also be able to process products in protected twist. The MCH will foil-wrap chocolate eggs on the exhibition stand. This machine can be quickly converted to process spherical products, for example, and for other packaging styles such as double twist, and therefore demonstrates how a packaging machine can be used for different seasonal products.

The exhibited HCW4/FPC5 is another very popular high-performance machine, with an output of up to 1,500 products per minute. The HCW4/FPC5 combines the HCW4 machine for packaging hard candies in bottom fold and the horizontal flow pack machine FPC5. The direct connection of a flow pack machine allows grouping of individual products and simultaneous secondary packaging. It is also possible to combine the HCW4 with stick packers F3 or F4. At the top of the range of high-performance machines is the EK4. It will process 2,300 hard candy products in double twist wrap on the exhibition stand, and is the fastest machine on the market available for this application.

Taking the pulse of the machine

All machines from Theegarten-Pactec are fitted as standard with a new control system and a newly designed user interface. The larger display offers clear and user-friendly operation. In the medium term, the company is working to improve condition monitoring and achieve simpler analysis of production data such as overall system efficiency and capacity utilization. Users can then obtain a graphical readout of important sensor and machine data such as air humidity and output in correlation with one another, allowing necessary adjustments to be made, thereby maximizing productivity. Other topics include self-regulation of machines, for example where products are incorrectly located in the packaging process, or to make (automatic) format changes even simpler.

 “We are known for designing solid machines that offer high quality and long service life. This means continually improving our machines,” explains director Markus Rustler. “To that end, we continue to develop our products to include self-diagnostics and a troubleshooting guide via touch panel. The company also carries out software development to make machines more efficient and even more intuitive to operate.”

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