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Toggle clamp product range expanded

Latch-type toggle clamps, such as vertical and horizontal acting toggle clamps, have been a permanent feature of the Ganter product range for over 30 years. The expansion of both toggle clamp genres make them the ideal solution for an even wider range of applications.

Safety hooks keep the toggle clamp closed securely
GN 820.3 horizontal acting toggle clamps and GN 851.3 and GN 852.3 latch type toggle clamps provide a new function: an additional lock prevents inadvertent detachment caused, for example, by vibrations or incorrect operation. When the toggle
clamp is closed, the additional safety hook automatically locks and holds the lever in a closed position. The spanner can then be opened, or rather, detached through a simple one-hand operation. The safety hook on the horizontal acting toggle clamps is operated by the index finger, while for the latch type toggle clamps it is opened by pressing from above with the thumb.

Now including spindle assembly with rubber tip
As previously, Ganter’s horizontal and vertical acting toggle clamps leave no wish unfulfilled: we offer horizontal or vertical mounting bases, as an assembly kit or as a U-bar or solid bar versions. These components have long served as reliable standard parts. The possibility of including an adjustable spindle with a rubber tip is a new option. Until now, these had to be ordered separately as an accessory, for example as the GN 708.1 standard part. The spindle assemblies included in the set correspond to the standard sizes most commonly used – should a specific configuration be required, this can of course be ordered separately.

Along with the toggle clamp versions with additional locking as described above, spindle assemblies are also available for GN 810 (vertical acting toggle clamps), GN 812 (with dual flanged mounting base), GN 820 (horizontal acting toggle clamps), as well as for the GN 860 (pneumatically operated spanner) models.


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