Theegarten-Pactec GmbH & Co. KG

Top performance and system sophistication for wrapping of compressed powder tabs

Theegarten-Pactec, specialist manufacturer of customised packaging machines for practically any product type, can pack your products, whether small-sized confectionery items, foodstuffs such as stock cubes or non-food articles such as dishwasher tabs. The Dresden-based company supplies complete all-in-one system solutions - from product feed to primary packaging. At interpack 2017, Theegarten-Pactec presents its star trade fair attraction, a total solution for powder or granulate compression with subsequent primary packaging into flow packs. The system combines the proven FPC5 packaging machine with units from AZO and Romaco Kilian.

Convincing, high-performance system solution

At the heart of the total system on display is the FPC5 high-performance packaging machine, which packs confectionery and non-food articles into flow packs at the rate of 1,500 products per minute. The packaging machine combines an AZO powder feed with a Romaco Kilian press unit. With all interfaces of the individual system components configured to work together, production and packaging process efficiency is guaranteed. For example, if the powder feed is too low in terms of volume, both press unit and packaging machine speeds drop automatically.

At the trade fair, the system will first compress powder into tablets and then pack them. As well as handling effervescent tablets or other confectionery products, the system is also ideal for packing other items, e.g. stock cubes or non-food articles like dishwasher tabs.

Clean and precise processes

Products made by compressing powder or granulate are extremely sensitive and so require especially careful handling during the manufacturing and packaging stages. With this in mind, Theegarten-Pactec has opted for reliable feed and processing systems for the total solution. Powder feed is handled by a system from AZO, which conveys the powder by means of pneumatic aspiration delivered by vacuum pumps. The vacuum principle ensures low-volume dust production, which can be additionally reduced by fitting an exhaust unit on to the feed hopper itself. It is a simple matter to set individual, product-specific parameters to ensure that the dry bulk is conveyed gently to the Romaco Kilian press. The KILIAN KTS 1000 press handles powder in a precisely measured volume dosage operation.

The twin-track design gives double the performance

The FPC5 is directly coupled to the delivery point of the press. Product separation is achieved by the twin-track design, which guarantees the high-performance rate of 1,500 items per minute, even with short, sensitive products such as grape sugar. For input into the FPC5, the separated products are united on one track. In this way, it is always possible to set the machine to enable products also to be grouped for multi-item packaging.

Integration of a chain module in the packaging machine enables the manufacturer to create a wide variety of packaging options for the point of sale. This entails a second transverse sealing unit which separates a product chain in terms of a defined number of products. The packaging material is perforated along the transverse seal flap so that individual products can easily be torn off. It is also possible to pierce a hole into the last transverse seal flap to enable the product to be suspended from a suitable point on the sales shelf.

The whole system has easy access for servicing and cleaning work. This ensures that the highest hygiene standards are met. If necessary, the FPC5 can also be combined with other units. Complete retooling at a later date is also possible.

Systematic, holistic process solutions

An innovative partner for producers, Theegarten-Pactec provides customers with holistic solutions drawn from many years of experience and collaboration with acknowledged market leaders. The company bundles the skills of selected specialists in the various fields of process technology and secondary packaging. Customers benefit from a total single-source solution which integrates all the processes of a product line.

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