Metsä Board Corporation PLC

Topics that would have been presented at Metsä Board’s stand at Interpack 2020

At Interpack 2020 Metsä Board would have been showcasing its lightweight paperboards that help reduce carbon footprint throughout the packaging value chain. Fresh fibres are the starting point for the circular economy – without fresh fibres there would not be any recycled paperboards. Fresh fibres are also pure by nature and therefore suitable for food packaging. Metsä Board’s packaging design experts would have been present to discuss the latest trends and solutions in packaging design. 
Metsä Board would have highlighted its plastic free eco-barrier paperboard and its end-use examples. Press release: https://www.metsaboard.com/Media/Product-news/Pages/metsa-board-introduces-a-new-plastic-free-eco-barrier-paperboard-for-food-and-food-service-end-uses.aspx

Press release about an end-use example: https://www.metsaboard.com/Media/Product-news/Pages/Chocolate-producer-Kultasuklaa-chose-Metsa-Boards-eco-barrier-paperboard.aspx

Metsä Board is a leader in sustainability with its own ambitious sustainability target of achieving fossil free mills by 2030 with zero fossil CO2 emissions. Press release: https://www.metsaboard.com/Media/Product-news/Pages/metsa-board-aims-for-fossil-free-mills-as-part-of-companys-2030-sustainability-targets.aspx
Metsä Board has had its emissions reduction targets approved by the Science Based Targets initiative as being consistent with the levels required to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. The targets, covering greenhouse gas emissions from Metsä Board's operations (Scopes 1 and 2), are in line with reductions required to limit global warming to 1.5°C. Press release: https://www.metsaboard.com/Media/Product-news/Pages/Metsa-Board-emissions-reduction-targets-approved-by-Science-Based-Targets-.aspx
The winning designs from Metsä Board’s Better with Less – Design Challenge 2019–2020 would have been present. Press release: https://www.metsaboard.com/Media/Product-news/Pages/The-winning-design-of-the-Better-with-Less-%E2%80%93-Design-Challenge-presents-an-ecological-alternative-to-single-use-plastic--.aspx

 Metsä Board’s Paperboard and Packaging Excellence Centre will be opened in 2020 in Äänekoski, Finland. Press release: https://www.metsaboard.com/Media/Product-news/Pages/Metsa-Board-to-establish-a-new-Paperboard-and-Packaging-Excellence-Centre-.aspx

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