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Paper bags machinable and regularly fitting paper bags with free-flowing granular food dry products (flour, semolina, sugar, others) from a Made in Italy Company



Manufactures Paper Bags

Via Mazzini, n.° 64

tel: +39 049 5991121

fax: +39 049 5991393

35010 San Pietro In Gu’ - Padova – ITALY


E-mail info@poligraficaveneta.it

Our production lines are able to package small-sized printed bags, from 500 g up to a maximum of 10 kg, as well as modern shopper. The majority of the production of the sector involves 1 kg bags used for the packaging of flour,sugar and salt. Recently Poligrafica Veneta has met the market demand by the introduction of a new production line of shoppers made of paper with handles. The large number of production lines in the packaging stage guarantees flexibility in terms of planning and the amount of orders that can be met in order to observe quick delivery times, which the modern market requires. The plant produces approximately 400.000.000 bags annually. Poligrafica Veneta Srl is focusing its attention to economical activities those have a concrete and verified respect for the environment. The most efficient way is to guarantee that the paper comes from legal and sustainable sources and from certified forests by independent associations. On this matter our company in December 2010 achieved the CoC certification (Chain of Custody). Poligrafica Veneta had its own certified Quality System in accordance with the standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008. We adopt the HACCP methodology in the production process and obtained the ISO 22000 certification in hygiene and food safety. Poligrafica Veneta prints its own bags, using different printing machines with different technologies that range from modern flexography to offset and rotogravure. Poligrafica Veneta Srl was established on 6 August 1969 based on the idea and initiative of the three families of the founding share-holders Casarotto, Grazioli and Meneghetti. With the installation of the first bag machines, the company immediately made the decision to tackle the emerging industrial packaging market. With the subsequent installation of the first polyethylene film extruder, the company established its outstanding capacity for innovation, which went on to be demonstrated over the years due to its dedicated and committed work ethic. The company has grown year on year in terms of turnover and the variety and types of products supplied, gaining considerable experience in the world of industrial packaging. It is due to the latter that the Company now draws on its strength, creativity and capacity to provide its customers with innovative and flexible solutions in the field of packaging. Following the market development, Poligrafica Veneta made the decision to extend its product range, adding the production of paper shopping bags.Today Poligrafica Veneta Srl is a company with a turnover of 25 million Euros and about 80 employees. An established business in the world of packaging that successfully and superbly unites tradition and innovation to tackle the new market challenges.


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