Koehler Paper SE

All Koehler Paper Fast-Food Barrier Paper Now Free from Acrylates

Koehler Paper, part of the Koehler Group, added to its flexible pack-aging paper portfolio last year with the launch of products for use in the fast-food industry. Consumer demand for sustainable products and packaging has been evident in the fast-food sector for some time now, which is why system catering is also increasingly looking for solutions in this field. In October 2022, Koehler Paper launched Koehler NexPlus Wrap®, a paper designed for burger packaging with extremely low grammage, onto the fast-food market. Then, with Koehler NexPlus® OGR, the company also brought an oil- and grease-resistant, sustainable paper onto the market, which is suitable for packaging foods such as fries, sandwiches, wraps, and burritos. The solutions that were originally launched as Koehler NexPure® paper have now been developed further and are available with immediate effect as Koehler NexPlus® paper. These products are now entirely free from acrylates.

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