At QIUB Packaging SA we continue to demonstrate our strong commitment to sustainability and the fight against climate change.

We’re pleased to announce that here at QIUB, in line with our strong commitment to sustainability and the fight against climate change, we have reduced and verified our carbon footprint in accordance with UNE EN ISO 14064-3:2019. In this manner we have become one of the first Spanish companies to voluntarily record our calculation of greenhouse gases in the National Registry of Carbon Footprint (RD 163/2014)

As packaging manufacturers, this enables us to consolidate our leading position in the manufacture of sustainable grinders for packaging salts and spices. We have proved our commitment and good practice by obtaining verification of the calculation and reduction of the carbon footprint linked to our manufacturing activity from 2018 onwards under the UNE EN ISO 14064-3:2019 standard.

At QIUB we have reduced our carbon footprint by -0.55% in the emissions ratio, despite having increased our turnover for packaging items by around +75% between 2018 and 2021, in the same period. This milestone has been achieved as a result of modernising most of the grinders in our range, moving towards using more sustainable materials such as PET instead of other materials such as PC, ABS and POM.

This has also been possible thanks to the major investments we have been making since 2018 in updating our machinery fleet, replacing older machines with newer and more efficient equipment and reducing our energy consumption.

Over the next few years here at QIUB, we want to continue lowering our emissions ratio and reducing our energy consumption by installing a photovoltaic plant for our own electricity supply. We also plan to prioritise the use of alternative materials that are not only recyclable but also come from recycled bottles (rPET) and renewable sources (BIOPET). These materials significantly reduce the emissions factor related to their use and are also ideal for a circular economy.

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